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"Forensic Science Grant"

After teaching high school students for five years, I see that they are interested in science but it hasn't really been cool - until now. CSI shows are a hit with younger audiences and it's the science that excites them because they can't believe the way that evidence can be captured with today's technology. I too find it quite intriguing and, therefore, wanted to create a forensic science class.

Forensic science is designed around authentic performance assessments with students working in teams to solve crimes using scientific knowledge and reasoning. It involves all areas of science including biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, and earth science with an emphasis in complex reasoning and critical thinking. In addition, students must incorporate the use of technology, communication skills, language arts, art, family and consumer science, mathematics and social studies.

Creating such a class takes long hours of preparation, dedication, and money. I am so pleased to be one of the teachers who won a Magnolia Education Foundation grant which will help make my dream of creating this class come true. Budget cuts severely limit how extensive we can be with our students and winning this grant money will help out tremendously! I have already ordered and received my lab equipment and can't wait to start the new school year! Thank you for creating this wonderful program for educators!

Kirsten Ermis