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Magnolia ISD Mathematics Vision

MISD will produce independent, resourceful, and rigorous thinkers who succeed in mathematics.

We believe that to become strong mathematical thinkers, students need both mastery of fundamental skills and conceptual understanding.

We believe that through our high quality mathematics curriculum and instruction we engage hands, minds and intellect through authentic, active learning that supports each student. These learning experiences link the concrete, representational and abstract by applying critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies in meaningful situations. Our students and teachers know communication is the key in our math classrooms. Through mathematical thinking and mathematical understanding every student will be prepared to communicate effectively using the language of mathematics to meet any future challenge.

Understanding the Texas New Math Standards

In 2012, the State Board of Education adopted new mathematics standards, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  The standards for Kindergarten through grade eight  will be implemented this  school year. Revised standards for high school mathematics will be implemented in the 2015-2016 school year.

The changes made at the state level to the mathematics TEKS were quite extensive and affect our MISD Mathematics Curriculum.

For the past two years, since the new mathematics TEKS were adopted in 2012, MISD planned and wrote new math curriculum which includes the new TEKS requirements. During the 2012-2013 school year, kindergarten ‒ second grades implemented the new math curriculum TEKS in an effort to prevent gaps in learning as students transitioned into third grade. Post-STAAR units were developed in grades third‒eighth, so students could learn prerequisite skills in order to have a better foundation for the new TEKS implemented in their current grade.

During the 2014-2015 school year, all kindergarten‒ eighth grade students will learn the new mathematics TEKS requirements given by Texas Education Agency. New materials have been adopted in order to support the state’s new mathematics TEKS requirements. Grade levels have many standards that are new to their grade level.

Many standards were shifted down from grade levels. For example, in sixth grade mathematics, of the more than 55% of the mathematics standards that are new, 29% of the new math standards in the grade level have shifted down from seventh grade math, eighth grade math and Algebra 1 and the rest are brand new to the math TEKS, such as personal financial literacy.

The new Math TEKS from TEA also emphasize mathematical process standards by making these processes identical for every grade kindergarten through high school math and placing them at the beginning of all grade level mathematics TEKS.
Mastering the new TEKS will require students to use mathematical reasoning, analyzing mathematical relationships, understanding in depth the mathematics and solving multi-step problems. Learning these new mathematical standards is not only designed to prepare our students for STAAR questions, but provides stronger number sense and fluency that fosters mathematical understanding,  and problem solving skills for future mathematics courses, college and career readiness and real life applications.

Susie Johnson