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Grades 1-12 Credit by Exam (CBE) testing is conducted in August, November, February, and May for students who wish to earn original credit in a course they have not preciously taken, for credit recovery to recover credit for a course they have taken and failed, or for students in Grades 1 – 5 who wish to accelerate one grade.


Students must register with their school counselor. A $10 deposit is required. The money will be refunded once the student takes the test.


Testing guidelines allow up to three hours per exam. The examinations are purchased from Texas Tech University and thoroughly test the essential knowledge and skills for each primary school grade and secondary academic subject area.  Students may take no more than two tests during each testing period (four tests total for each year). Each CBE semester exam counts as one test.


Counselors will provide students with the CBE study guide(s) and these may be downloaded at the following website:


Depending upon the availability of books, students who have applied for CBE testing may obtain textbooks from the campus textbook coordinator if needed for review. These books must be returned after testing.


Score reports are generally available 3-4 weeks after testing and are mailed directly to the school counselors. The counselors will release the scores to the students. Students scoring 80% or above on the CBE for original credit will receive credit for the applicable course and the examination score will be indicated on the student’s transcript. CBE is not calculated in the Grade Point Average (GPA). Students, who test for subjects which they have previously failed, must score at least 70% on the test in order to obtain credit.


Students in grades 1 – 5 may accelerate one grade level if the student:

  • Scores 80% or above on a CBE test in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies
  • Is recommended by a district representative
  • The parent or guardian gives written approval for the acceleration


Contact the campus counselor for any questions regarding Credit by Exam.


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