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Homebound Student Services


Any student served through the GEH program must meet the following three criteria:

  • The student is expected to be confined at home for a minimum of 4 weeks. The weeks need not be consecutive.
  • The student is confined at home for medical reasons ONLY.
  • The student’s medical condition is documented by a physician licensed to practice in the U.S.


The students are served at home by a certified general education teacher and over the period of his or her confinement, the student is provided instruction in all core academic subject area courses in which the student is enrolled. In addition, the student is provided instruction in other elective courses the student is enrolled in, if possible.


A designated campus committee makes decisions regarding GEH placement. The committee decides the type and amount of instruction to be provided. In making these decisions, the committee will consider information from the student’s parents/guardian and the student’s physician.


A student receiving GEH services earns eligible days present when a homebound teacher administers routine quizzes, daily or weekly exams, or provides required classroom instruction to the student in the home. A minimum of 4 hours of service a week equals a full week of instruction.


Students with a chronic illness or acute health problem that is a recurring condition that requires the student to be in the GEH program for a period of time (which may be in daily or weekly incremental) totaling at least 4 weeks throughout the school year will also be eligible to receive the services of a homebound teacher during the time when he/she is unable to attend school. These students are able to move back and forth between the GEH program and a school-based placement based upon their medical condition.