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Textbook Terminology:


SE (Student Edition): State purchased and owned book paid for by Texas resident's tax dollars.


Digital: These are Student Editions (SE) that are now on CD-Rom or online/ebooks.
Consumable: State owned "workbook" from TEA.  This is a Student Edition paperback/softcover book usually for Grades K-5 (ie: Math Gr K-5, Science 6-8)


WkBk (Workbook): Sometimes free from the Publisher. This is usually one of the "choices" made during the 1st year of adoption. However MISD usually uses these books, whenever possible as a resource only book (non-consumable) rather than purchasing them again every year.


TE (Teacher Edition): Usually has the answer key in the back and extra notations for instructional purposes.

TR (Teacher Resource Materials): This is the materials that come 1 per core teacher to aid them by providing more teaching resources.


LP (Large Print Materials): Refers to the formatting of a book in which the typeface (or font), are considerably larger than usual, to accommodate qualifying students.


BR (Materials in Braille): Refers to a form of written language for visually impaired. Characters are represented by patterns of raised dots that are felt with the fingertips.