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Hi, I am the Information Data Analyst for Magnolia ISD, who specializes in report authoring, data extraction, data transformation and data loading. I have 10 years experience in software development, data analysis, report authoring, and SQL scripting.  I work with district data from student information system and the financial system, creating scripting tasks that import and export data in, out and between both products.   In addition to that I manage the scripts that create the rosters for many of our third party products.
I am a happily married mom of a 21 yr old son serving in the Air Force, 20 yr old daughter attending U of H Victoria, 17yr old son who is in the 11th grade, and a 14 yr old daughter who is in the 9th grade.  In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, attending tech conferences, trying out new technology, traveling and fishing.