The Dyslexia Intervention Program is a fast-paced dyslexia program designed to be used with students in grades 2 – 5 in a pullout setting.  There are 146 lessons in the program which are aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.  The program includes alphabet activities (5 minutes) which fall under the category of reading/inquiry/research and reading/vocabulary development.  The reading deck (3 minutes), new concept

(5 minutes) and reading practice (10 minutes) which fall under the category of reading/word identification, reading/fluency and reading/vocabulary development.  Handwriting,(5 minutes) spelling deck (5 minutes) and spelling activity (5 minutes) fall under the category of writing – penmanship – capitalization – punctuation and spelling.  Books are read during additional time are chosen at the student’s independent level.



A periodic mastery check is administered after 13 lessons and extra assistance is given to those students who are not mastering at the 90% level.  With each mastery check, the word recognition level and comprehension level of students is measured and word recognition is pushed to the automatic level increasing comprehension.  The goal is for a student to be able to read their age times ten words per minute and to comprehend on grade level. 


Students are encouraged to use strategies outside of class.  When reading, they should remember to preview material and code any unknown words before reading for meaning.  When writing, they need to remember organizational strategies and spelling scientifically.


The strategies used in the program come from many sources including the Neuhaus Center, Scottish Rite Dylsexia Programs, Lawrence Greene and Bernice Bragstad’s Study Skills and many teacher shared ideas and work. 


As a parent, it is important to understand the goal of the dyslexia program and the support you can give your student in encouraging them to read ,use their strategies, and study skills.  Every child with dyslexia can be successful.



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