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December Students of the Month
Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Students of the Month Honored in December

Caleb Wall is an 8th grade student at Bear Branch Junior High and the son of Scott and Darcy Wall.  He has a sister, Marissa who is a freshman at Magnolia High School.

Caleb is an outstanding straight "A" student and enjoys going to school.  He is involved in our athletic program participating in football, basketball, track, and tennis.  He also helps with the concession stand during sporting events.  Caleb is an active member of National Junior Honor Society and Bears for Christ.

Caleb is very active at in programs at Magnolia Bible Church.  He leads praise and worship for the children, leads Sunday school classes, and attends bible study classes on Wednesday evenings.  He also packs, serves, and delivers food boxes to SOS when needed and helps out with this organization as needed.

His teachers all have very favorable comments about Caleb.  For example, Mrs. Olson who was Caleb's 7th grade history teacher says, "Caleb exemplifies the qualities we would like all our students to portray.  He asks critical questions in class, is always polite, and manages to balance his sporting events and outside activities with what he is doing at school."  Caleb's English teacher, Ms. Newman says, "Caleb is always respectful, honest, considerate, and truly values getting a good education."  His Spanish teacher, Mrs. Karl says, "Caleb is a very bright boy with a heart of gold.  He is a self-starter with a competitive drive.  He poses questions and seeks out answers out of natural curiosity."

Caleb would like to attend Baylor after graduating from Magnolia High School.  We know that with Caleb's track record, he will be able to accomplish whatever decides to do in the future.

The Magnolia Elementary Student of the Month, Brooklyn Hardin, is a 5th grade student at MES and has been at Magnolia Elementary since her 4th grade year.  Brooklyn is the daughter of Kristen Barker and Drew Hardin, and step dad David Barker.  She also is sister to little brother Luke,  and big brother Reagan who is a 9th grader at Magnolia West.

Brooklyn is a very special young lady in so many ways.  Brooklyn is a very hard working and dedicated student and because of her hard work she has all A's and E's on her report card. She is kind hearted and is always trying to help others.  Brooklyn has a true sense of what is the right.  Brooklyn is one of those students who is ALWAYS kind and ALWAYS wants what is best for others way above what is best for her.  Brooklyn is not good just to get noticed or rewarded but is good just because it is the right thing to do. 

Brooklyn loves school because she loves to learn.  She enjoys reading and she loves math.  She is really a great math student.  She loves her friends and her teachers too.  School is just plain fun for Brooklyn.

Brooklyn also shows her Bulldog Pride at MES by being a member of the MES Student Council and is a member of the MES Destination Imagination team.  She helped organize and perform at our annual Veteran's Day Ceremony.  Brooklyn's teachers love her desire to do well and her effort always pays off.  Brooklyn's teacher Mr. Mac describes Brooklyn by saying "Brooklyn is so very smart.  She is a very outgoing creative student that insists on putting her own twist in the work and projects that she turns in. Brooklyn is a model student who cares about her success and the success of others". Her other teacher Mrs. Herbrich says, "Brooklyn is a spark for learning in our classroom - she is always coming up with new ideas. She is helpful and kind. Her smile and energy are contagious and she helps make MES the wonderful school it is! "

When Brooklyn grows up she wants to be a lawyer.  She wants to attend LSU, because that is where her mom went to college.  Brooklyn also shows her hard work and dedications outside of school too.  She does swim team each year and excels in that.  She also is the best big sister ever to Luke.  Brooklyn is smart, kind and well rounded …. Just about PERFECT.

Brooklyn truly exhibits all of the characteristics that we hope to nurture in all of our students at MES. It is easy to see why Brooklyn is the MES Student of the Month.  Help me congratulate this special young lady.

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