Transportation Update and Bus Link

The decision to consolidate routes was an administrative decision made after beta testing last year, supported by the board, in order to provide the following benefits to our parents and taxpayers. These include:
  • the safety of our bus drivers and students having to maneuver in areas that are not conducive for a bus to turn around and/or exit. While we have done this in the past, we are no longer putting our bus drivers or buses at risk;
  • the consolidation will eliminate the need for 7 drivers who are in demand across the state;
  • an approximate savings of $600,000 to $900,000 which will go back into the classroom. We currently
  • spend 6.4% of our budget on transportation where the average district spends 3.4%;
  • revising the routes to be more efficient;
  • we heard from parents that students were spending too much time on the bus so the consolidated routes, on average, have reduced up to 35 minutes; and
  • picking up and dropping off at a reasonable time.
In order to view your child's bus route, please review the attached instructions. The link for the bus routes can be found on the transportation page, click here.
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