TEAM Up for Health & Safety

Magnolia ISD works to engage, equip and empower our students, staff, parents and community by providing free health and safety resourcesMagnolia ISD is working to raise awareness about free resources available to address health, safety and mental illness in a variety of ways. By creating conversations with our staff, students, and community, we hope to combat the stigma of mental illness and behavioral health. 


The district has developed a comprehensive social, emotional, learning (SEL) curriculum with all grade level counselors as well as dedicated SEL counselors, who can provide counseling to students and groups. 

All of the secondary campuses have taken a proactive approach by forming groups called Student Assistance Teams (SAT) who help focus on identifying students in need of counseling support. The students are identified by various data sources, as well as teacher and parent referrals. In addition to these services, secondary campuses have also developed anti-bullying plans for students and staff.  Plans include anti-bullying announcements, assemblies, incorporation of the effects of bullying ito our SEL curriculum, and promotion of the Anonymous Alerts system.


Through a partnership with Tri-County, parents and students have access to counselors at the Special Services Office located at 110 Magnolia Blvd. Services they provide include education/prevention presentations, groups, crisis support, family/parenting groups, emergency shelters and more. Anyone needing assistance is encouraged to talk with the counselor at their child’s campus to schedule an appointment.


Additionally, the District will continue hosting monthly Parent & Community Engagement Nights. This month, we continue conversations about raising confident, competent children with DePelchin Children’s Center who will share six core building blocks to focus on kids’ social, emotional, and ethical development and practical ways to model, coach and create practice opportunities to develop social and emotional skills in the context of family life. Visit our website for more details about future Engagement Nights including Internet Crimes Against Children, Mental Health, Social Media and more by clicking here.


Magnolia ISD has many resources for mental health, drug and alcohol education, crisis and counseling and much more which is available on the website. As we continue to focus on the safety and well-being of our students, their families, and our staff, we are working to update the safety information on our website. You can view the current list of resources by clicking here.