Flags For Our Heroes Seeks to Honor Veterans

Flags For Our Heroes is an annual event offering MISD students, staff and their families an opportunity to honor the memories of United States soldiers and family members who have been laid to rest at the Houston National Cemetery with American flags. Kerrie Gustin, the Advanced Academics teacher for Magnolia and Williams Elementary schools, co-founded the event in 2008 in memory of her grandparents, Charles and Floy Townsend, who were laid to rest at the cemetery in the spring of 2007, exactly one month apart. The event was inspired by Gustin’s daughter Grace, who wanted to find a way to honor all of the veterans at the cemetery who didn’t have anyone to remember them.

The annual event has continued to evolve through the years to what is now a meet at the cemetery event the Saturday before Veteran's Day, and a flag retrieval event on a Saturday following Veteran's Day. Through all of these changes, the mission remains the same. The event seeks to offer the staff and students of Magnolia ISD the opportunity to honor the memories of the brave men and women of our United States military and their families for their dedication and sacrifice to the cause of freedom.

This year, Flags For Our Heroes will continue with a "Meet at the Cemetery" event. Any families who wish to participate can meet at the cemetery to place flags on Saturday, November 9, 2019, at 9 a.m. The cemetery address is 10410 Veterans Memorial Dr. Houston, TX 77038. All participants will meet between the main part of section S1 and the pond for a group picture before we place flags. 

On Saturday, November 16, 2019, at 9 a.m. the annual flag retrieval event will take place in the same location.  

Students, staff, and families who wish to participate can find more information and real-time updates the day of the event from the Williams Elementary homepage, The Flags For Our Heroes site at bit.ly/flagsforourheroes or our Twitter feeds: @MrsGustinsClass and @kgustin. 

Individuals interested in supporting Flags For Our Heroes either through contributions or flag donations can contact Kerrie Gustin at kgustin@magnoliaisd.org or Alana Wood, MISD Director of Social Studies and Advanced Academics at awood@magnoliaisd.org.