FM 1774 Overpass Set to Open

From the diagrams we have been given, below are the safest recommendations for drivers arriving to school.

Traveling south on FM 1774:
Drivers traveling south on FM 1774 should get in the right lane in order to loop under the overpass. They will then merge with northbound traffic. Students and parents can then turn right into the Magnolia West entrance.

Traveling north over the FM 1774 overpass:
Drivers will need to be in the right lane in order to turn right into the entrance at Magnolia West. Please be cautious of merging traffic prior to the entrance.

Traveling north on FM 1774 feeder (current FM 1774 traffic pattern):
Be aware the traffic will narrow to one lane. The traffic will then merge with the southbound traffic that loops under the overpass and then will merge with the northbound overpass traffic.

School resource officers will stop traffic in both directions to allow cars to exit the high school.  Cars will be released in groups to manage safely the traffic flow for FM 1774 and the exit of cars from the high school. Please remind your student drivers to be patient. 
Buses will remain being dismissed onto FM 1486. 

As always, please drive with courtesy and caution. 


Recommended traffic patterns for driving to Magnolia West High School