Student Leadership Visits Austin

The students spent the morning with State Representative Cecil Bell, Jr. to get an in-depth look at creating bills and the process of getting a bill passed. The chiefs of staff from State Representative Bell, Jr. and Brandon Creighton shared their work responsibilities; working on campaigns and policies; and meeting with stakeholders for each of their districts.Before leaving the Capitol, students walked onto the House Floor to experience sitting in the seat of a legislator.
Using the passing of House Bill 3 which help public schools with additional funding, we spent time at TEA speaking with the Deputy Commissioners of Accountability and Special Populations. The students were able to learn once a bill is passed how that impacts the agency affected. Using HB3 was a great example for TEA to discuss their roles in working with Commissioner Morath and legislators.
The final stop of the day was visiting with Coach Bob Shipley and Director of Player Development Kevin Washington. Washington focuses on the three C’s — character, community and career. Character is more important about who you are, not what you do; community to use your gifts and then determine what the player’s passion is to guide them through a career.
This is the eighth year Superintendent Dr. Todd Stephens has led this program designed for junior level students. Magnolia ISD Student Leadership program’s mission is to develop young leaders in the community to be well-informed and active citizens involved in serving the community in which they live.