Child Nutrition Ranked 15 in Nationwide Award

The first award is from the Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller for meeting all the National School Lunch program and school breakfast program. The requirements assessed during the March 20, 2019, Administrative review resulted in a perfect score!

The second is the USDA’s Turnip the Beet Award which recognizes outstanding summer meal programs nationwide. Magnolia was one of only 15 schools nationwide to win the Gold Turnip the Beet award and one of only 3 districts from the state of Texas. Programs that distinguish themselves by providing high-quality meals that are appetizing, appealing and wholesome. Districts must demonstrate they are serving a variety of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, dairy products and culturally-appropriate meals each week throughout the program. Our menu showcased a rainbow of colors, including fresh summer fruits like strawberries, watermelon, and fresh peaches. MISD also conducted taste tests with the children and offered nutrition education activities along with the meals.