Magnolia Education Foundation Awards More Than $77,000 in Classroom Grants

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The Magnolia ISD Education Foundation (MEF) delivered 27 grants over two days on its annual Grant Patrol. 
The Foundation accepts grant applications to encourage, facilitate, and recognize creative, innovative, and unique projects that lead to academic achievement for the students in Magnolia ISD.
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Congratulations to all of this year's grant winners:

MHS - Tracy Beyer & Allison Abendschein “All Things DNA in 3D!” $2,917.68

Students will gain a better understanding as they explore the formation of nucleic acids, DNA and RNA with hands-on 3D model kits to study the structure of, the replication of, and the transcription/translation of the DNA and RNA molecules.

LES - Natashia Fogelsong, Maggie Marcantel & Cindy Hill “Versatile Learning” $2,048.24

VersaTiles kits contain manipulatives for deeper thinking when practicing math. These kits can be used across grade levels in a fun, engaging, hands-on way that will help students build their confidence when it comes to math skills.

LES - Lindsey Mathison, Jennifer Crips, Jeniffer Swonke, Helena Oliveira, Melanie Hinman & Melissa Yeager “Mobile STEM” $2,309.42

This mobile Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) station would include exploring concepts in engineering, problem-solving, and reading extension activities through hands-on activities.

LES - Cheri Mannen “We Know our ABCs” $784.43

The kindergarten team will use Alphabet Teaching Tubs to enhance student learning during Alphabet Boot camp where one letter name and sound is introduced every day. The tubs will add hands-on learning during this unit which will help build vocabulary and eventually reading skills. With these tubs, students can sort based on beginning sounds, play memory games, build CVC words, sight words, and many other engaging activities during small group instruction and literacy stations.

LES - Misty Anderson “Fun, Facts, and Fluency” $2,544.12

These math manipulative sets will help students become more fluent in basic math facts through hands-on activities. These sets will allow students to practice their basic math skills in a variety of fun and meaningful ways.

LES - Tyler Behrens “Book Bag Bundles” $929.96

A Book Bag Bundle includes a leveled book, game board, game pieces, and a response page that is on the child’s instructional reading level. Each week a child will take home their bundle bag to read with their family, play the game to deepen comprehension, and respond to a prompt about the text.

LES - Carie Sabo “Reading” $3,434.00

This project is designed to provide students with positive, engaging reading experiences to become readers. This grant enables 356 leveled reading books for students to use at school and at home. 

NSE - Vanessa Berna, Rachel Newberry, Chelsi Elkins & Kimberly Martin “Can I Have Seconds?” $2,831.46

Second-grade students and their families will fall in love with reading when fiction and nonfiction books are paired with fun family bonding activities. Each student will go home with a 2x2 book, a nonfiction book, and all the supplies needed for fun activities for two weeks. Each packet will also contain key vocabulary words and questions.

NSE - Val Engelke “Finger Gym” $246.58

Pre-k students will be able to focus on fine motor skills development through hands-on activity centers. Each center will focus on strengthening hand-eye coordination as well as classroom enrichment. For example, the Block Center will construct letters and numbers using the Alpha-Bots and Number Bots. 

NSE - Rachel Newberry “Sensory Storytime” $898.10

The Sensory Storytime space will contain soft lights, squishy sets, bubbles dancing around the room, flannel board, and much more to bring storytime to life. This library will be transformed into a space that will engage all types of readers through their senses.

NSE - Meagan Neubauer & Katy Martin “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!” $2,071.21

This grant will transform reading into a multi-sensory experience for readers. Students will be able to use engaging supplies such as smart sand, quicksand, play-doh, spelling beads, dry erase cubes, wonder stix, card decks, magnetic letters, and much more to have a better reading experience.

MIS - Kimberly Todd & Katie Burnham “Science Experiment Supplies” $2,812.01

Through the funding of lab equipment, students will be able to have more hands-on learning experiences in these science classrooms. Hands-on learning experiences allow students to make real-world connections and thus be more engaged in their learning.

MIS - Becky Christensen & Melissa Frost “Graphic Novel Reading & Writing” $1,350.77

The library and art department have partnered for a graphic novel reading and writing project where students will participate in a book club format. The club will begin by reading a novel. The next few months will be spent analyzing the novel and explore specific vocabulary and eventually create their own graphic novel in which students will submit their work to a Graphic Novel Competition for kids.

MES - Alison Love “Board Books for Beginning Readers” $9,936.48 District Grant

This program is designed to promote literacy and a love of reading in pre-k and early childhood special education by giving students at each elementary campus weekly access to age-appropriate and language-specific board books.

WES - Carol Ann Ramirez “Non-Fiction Viewing Party” $3,053.37

With this grant, the library will purchase new non-fiction books to add to the current library collection. Once the books are received, a Non-Fiction Viewing Party will be held for each grade level to explore the new titles. The library will become an interactive environment with science exhibits and displays. 

MPES - Shayla Richter, Allison Swiney & Ro Benignus “Cracking the Code” $3,429.80

A key component of reading instruction is phonics. Cracking the Code will provide a library of decodable books that offer students the opportunity to immediately practice phonetic skills through a story. The goal is to build confidence in young readers and also lead to more automatic and fluent reading in authentic texts once skills are mastered.

EES - Julie Sadler, Laura Atherton, Shannon Baty, Sarah Ford & Kalyn Stevens “Guided Reading” $2,861.25

This grant will allow the first-grade team to purchase Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading Classroom sets. These books are cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic, and ethnically diverse and provide different context teaching points of phonics, reading, and the development of writing bringing a guided reading lesson full circle, known as balanced literacy.

BBJH - Jan Nickells, Chellie Nelson, Matthew Rhody, Katharine Sanders & Angie Roy “Diverse Genre Texts $3,500.00

The reading department will supply students with diverse multiple genre texts to support whole-class reading. By adding more books, students will have access to supplemental books that connect to whole-class novels. With more books to choose from, students will be able to select books that fit their interests thus becoming more independent readers.

BBI - Sonia Wolfrom “Zivko the Robot” $993.33

Students will be divided into groups to build a 107 piece Zivko the Robot from a STEM kis that when complete will follow, explore, track or evade obstacles. The goal is to excite students about engineering through robotics, programming, and design, engineering professions by engaging in hands-on learning.

BBI - Shannon Wilson “MatchGraph!” $3,500.00

This project utilizes motion sensors and a free software program compatible with wireless motion sensors to make the abstract concept of graphing motion more concrete for science students. MatchGraph! Provides students with hands-on experience in measuring and graphing motion.

BBI - Nancy Wilson “Reaching Higher - Hi-Lo Books” $309.40

Hi-Lo books are a great way to engage students who are reluctant readers. These books contain high-interest subject matter and appeals to their age group but with a lower reading level to help meet their reading needs. The pictures are also designed to help keep the students engaged as they read different genres available in Hi-Lo books.

SES - Cindy Dyess “Unlocking the Science of Reading” $3, 327.50

This grant will put decodable books into the hands of primary students who are building reading foundation skills needed to become life-long readers.

SES - Avila, Lovell, Snelson & Hidalgo “Get Set for School” $2,499.92

This 36-week program will equip pre-k classrooms with the tools and resources needed to prepare students for kindergarten. This program will allow students to learn with hands-on multisensory materials as well as developmentally appropriate lessons for different learning styles.

SES - Elizabeth Harms “Centered for Success” $2,944.75

The first-grade team will receive math and literacy centers and manipulatives for use in the classroom. Manipulatives such as unifix cubes, ten-frames, counters, and base-10 blocks are essential for teaching math and help make abstract ideas concrete. 

SES - Trisha Hacker “Every Voice Matters” $2,497.98

Qballs are an action-oriented learning tool that engages and encourages the participation of all students. This soft, tossable microphone enhances student voice in the classroom. This grant will provide 12 QBalls for the campus will benefit teachers and students alike when using projectors, Smartboards, and interactive technologies.

SES - Melissa Boland “Connecting Technology & Art” $3,086.13

Art students will begin to have additional freedoms through the use of Osmo Masterpieces. This grant will fund the purchase of 5 iPad devices and 5 Osmo masterpieces where students can use individually or on group projects. These devices will help provide a creative outlet for students during this new world of online learning.