Celebrating 5 Years of IB in Magnolia ISD

International Baccalaureate (IB) is one of the premier academic programs recognized by elite universities around the world as an excellent preparatory curriculum. Magnolia ISD  is one of 84 public and private schools in Texas, some since 1979, to offer this program approved by the Texas Education Agency. Students have the choice to pursue the IB program depending on their post-secondary career path. The IB Diploma offers the opportunity for students to receive college credits while also preparing them with the skills necessary to be successful in their college coursework. Diploma recipients are guaranteed 24 college credit hours at any Texas public college.

The IB framework allows MISD the freedom and flexibility to align local community values with our educational curriculum. Courses include biology, economics, English, environmental science, history, math, psychology, Spanish, and visual arts.

In the five years of offering this program:

  • 711 students have taken at least one or more IB courses
  • 1,354 exams passed
  • 218 Diploma Candidates
  • 130 Diplomas Awarded (as of 2021)
  • Over $2.5M in college tuition savings!

MISD chooses to offer the highly regarded IB Diploma Program which is recognized by over 1,100 colleges and universities in North America. Similar to the College Board AP exam scores, the level of recognition and college credit varies between institutions. 

MISD’s objective is to provide as many program learning opportunities as possible. Our goal as always is to deliver quality education to our students while developing them into productive citizens in a traditional Texas public school experience.

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