Science Fair Best of Show Recognition Funded by Glenn and Lori Addison of Magnolia Funeral Fome

Being recognized as a Science Fair Best of Show student was especially rewarding this year.  As a result of a donation from Glenn and Lori Addison of the Magnolia Funeral Home, twenty-two students in Magnolia ISD received a Nook or iPad at the May board meeting.  Elementary and Sixth Grade students placed at their campus science fair while the Jr. High and High School students placed at the district fair held in January.
The funding for best of show prizes has raised awareness of the importance and significance of producing a top quality science fair project.  

Students invest a daunting amount of time, effort and creativity when developing a best of show product.  This is one way to pay tribute to these young people and the great things they are doing now as well as the amazing things they are yet to do in the future.

Placing a focus on science fair in Magnolia ISD is beneficial to students by providing an opportunity for students to participate in independent research which develops skills that can be used for lifelong learning as well as integrating the skills of data presentation, math, and writing.  Students truly shine when they are able to thoroughly explain their project in their own words.

Thank you, Glenn and Lori Addison, for your generous donation to our student scientists!