FFA Students Host Ag Day

Magnolia FFA students in partnership with the Texas Farm Bureau, Southwest Dairy Farmers and the Montgomery County Bee Association hosted the second annual Ag Day for all Magnolia ISD 4th grade students.

The event was held on November 4 and 5 which gave the FFA students from Magnolia West and Magnolia High School responsibility for coordinating one day. The high school students lead the various demonstrations showing the elementary students how agriculture touches their lives daily – from their breakfast with milk and cereal, to the jeans they wear to school, to the rubber band a teacher has on her desk.

“This is a leadership opportunity for the high school FFA students to lead and sponsor an event. It also gives the elementary students the opportunity to take learning outside the classroom,” states Dr. Matt Clark, director of CTE programs.

Students learned about sources of food, fiber for clothing, and the steps it takes to get from the field to their home. The Mobile Learning Barn had a visual and interactive cotton and corn display for the students to learn about the commodities and the by-products. The Southwest Dairy Farmers had a jersey cow to talk about the importance of a dairy in their diet and a milking demonstration.