The Texans Select Magnolia Elementary for a Training Camp Experience

The event will start with a school wide pep rally featuring the Texans mascot TORO and a few of the Texans cheerleaders. The pep rally will follow with a 45 minute non-contact training camp hosted by former Texans players for 200 students in 2nd through 5th grade. This experience creates a fun, safe learning environment the students of Magnolia Elementary will not forget.

Linda Kenjura, principal at Magnolia Elementary said, “Our students and staff are so excited to have been chosen. The Texans are positive role models for our students and we appreciate what they do for our community.”

Two elementary schools in the Houston area are selected each semester. The school submitted a video featuring the song “Best Day of My Life” which highlighted pictures of students, parents and staff showing their Texans pride along with an essay expressing how much Magnolia Elementary loves the Texans. The students are currently writing an essay about school pride and team spirit to be one of the 200 students in the training camp.