School Board Honors December Students of the Month

Tyler is a role model for the students at Smith Elementary. One of Tyler’s teachers uses his character as an example for the rest of the students to follow. He is kind hearted toward all of his peers and practices tolerance at a level of maturity far beyond his years.

Tyler possesses one of the most coveted personality traits for an educator—self-motivation. He listens intensely and contributes valuable information to class discussions. He loves new challenges and learning. He is dedicated in the classroom, in sports and as a friend. His exceptional level of dedication along with his empathetic spirit and quick wit allow him to be successful at anything and everything he tries.

Tyler has been active in sports since a young age. He has played baseball since he was four years old and has practiced Taekwondo for the past two and a half years earning a purple belt. He has also played football for the past three years in Magnolia. This year he played for the Texans who went to the Super Bowl and won! He played linebacker and running back. He has also been selected for the All Stars Football team all three years.

His favorite subject is science as he likes to research things like snakes and spiders and enjoys math. He has aspirations to attend Texas A&M and hopefully play football for the Aggies.

Crystal Dabdub is a 7th grader at Magnolia Junior High who is highly involved in activities outside of school. She comes from a family of six siblings which two are in the Navy. She volunteers her time with the education station which helps kids with tutoring on Tuesday evenings. Crystal and her family also volunteer at SOS.

She is a member of Dance Connections senior team competing this year at the national level in contemporary, hip-hop, and jazz. Her dance company has received many awards at these competitions.
In 5th grade Crystal was qualified to participate in a highly selective grade talent search offered through Duke University talent identification program based on her 4th grade STAAR test results. In 6th grade she was nominated to represent Magnolia 6th grade campus for a national teen leadership summit in Washington, DC.

Language Arts is her favorite subject and she participates in both the book club and creative writing club at Magnolia Junior High. She is never received a B on a report card—only A’s. She truly values learning and education.

Crystal aspires to be a publisher and live in Seattle and wants to attend Washington State University. Her teachers say she is clever, imaginative and creative in her writing. She is a hard worker always doing her best. She has an amazing personality that can brighten a teacher’s day.