School Board Honors February Students of the Month

Bailee Albinus has attended Williams Elementary since pre-k. Bailee serves as a member of the WES Student Council.  Her favorite job in Student Council is greeting students in the morning as they enter into the building.  With her beautiful smile, she greets each student and tells them good morning.   What a wonderful way for students to start their day!

Bailee excels in her academic work and always shows great character and is a true role model for other students.  Bailee strives to do her best and always meets the criteria to attend special events at WES such as Bluebonnet Celebration and Character Celebration. Outside of school, Bailee plays softball with the Crusader, participates in Youth Rodeo Barrel Racing, and shows goats with the 4-H group.  Her math and science teacher, Mrs. Foglesong says, “We knew right away that Bailee was somebody special and should be a part of the school leadership team on campus. Bailee is a positive role model for her peers, demonstrating good character at all times, demonstrating a high level of responsibility and self-discipline. If there is a job to be done, someone who needs help, or an assignment to be completed, we can always count on Bailee to be the first in line. She truly is a joy to have in class and an amazing person to know. It is an honor to be her teacher and have her as part of the WES family.” 

Mrs. Fontenot, her former kindergarten teacher says, “Bailee  is a young lady that has shown outstanding leadership and values throughout her school years.  As her kindergarten teacher, she was always a student that did her best in academics, but also showed kindness and a willingness to help classmates. She still volunteers in my kindergarten class which truly shows what an outstanding student she continues to be.  She is truly deserving of the honor of student of the month. “

Bailee would like to go to Texas A&M University to be a veterinarian.  It is truly evident that Bailee is a remarkable girl with great character and will continue to be successful in the future.  Williams Elementary is proud to have Bailee Albinus as the Student of the Month.

Dillon Mata is a student at Bear Branch 6th Grade and he is on the all “A” honor roll at school.  He enjoys hunting, going to church, and spending time with his family in his free time.  Dillon’s favorite subject in school is math.  He has not decided on plans after high school, but is interested in law enforcement and becoming a police officer. 

Dillon likes to serve and help others. As Ms. Stairhime states, “Dillon is a magnificent student and an absolute sweetheart.  He is a hard worker and very attentive during class. He is a natural leader and goes out of his way to help other classmates when they are struggling.  If he has issues trying to understand something himself, then he never hesitates to ask for my assistance until he gets it right on his own.  Dillon is also one of the most respectful young men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He never leaves class without wishing me well and would never dream of addressing me without saying ‘yes ma'am’ or ‘no ma'am’.” 

Another teacher, Mrs. Street, states, “What stands out about Dillon is how thoughtful and respectful he is. He always answers with yes ma'am and takes the time to wish me a good day before he leaves the classroom. Dillon strives to give 110% effort in all that he does. He is a conscientious student and helpful to others.”  

Mrs. Jacobson said, “He always participates in class and will work with anyone he is partnered with.  He always puts forth the effort to do his best.  Even in the hallways, with all the kids running, Dillon is so courteous and kind, he has even opened the door for me, helps me and others in class and can be trusted to run an errand and be back in the appropriate time. He is just an all around GREAT KID!” 

All of his teachers agree that Dillon is a great role model for our school and a great representative as the Magnolia ISD Secondary Student of the Month.