Magnolia Navy JROTC Cadet Earns Prestigious Award

Alyssa has been a top contender in the national sport air rifle scene since she was a freshman and has represented Magnolia in the Navy nationals and Junior Olympics nationals the past three years. Most distinguished shooters receive the Junior Distinguished Badge in their senior year. Alyssa did it in her junior year thus exemplifying her exceptional talent and hard work to consistently compete at the highest level.

It takes years of sustained superior performance to amass enough points to qualify for the badge. Each year over 10,000 cadets compete to qualify for the national competition and earn points toward the badge. Only a few hundred attend the national competition with only the top shooters receiving any points towards the badge.

The Junior Distinguished Badge is awarded to school-age junior three-position air rifle shooters who distinguish themselves by attaining a series of high rankings in designated major junior air rifle championships. To receive the badge, junior shooters must earn 30 Excellence in Competition (EIC) points in designated competitions that are at least at the State level. At least 10 of the 30 points must be won in National Championship competition.

The CMP was created by President Theodore Roosevelt to promote shooting sports, safety, and govern military and civilian shooting competitions. Over the years the CMP championships have become the pinnacle of shooting sports and the Navy JROTC has partnered to establish air rifle shooting teams across the nation.

Thousands of cadets compete to qualify to attend the national competition. This was the first year in Magnolia’s history that the entire team won the honor to compete. The team finished 25th in the nation which was a great accomplishment, but the highlight of the competition was Alyssa received the coveted Junior Distinguished Badge. The Junior Distinguished Badge is a serialized gold-filled badge and is engraved with the name and serial number of each awarded.

Photo: The MISD Navy JROTC with Chief Cranford and Alyssa Grimes (center)