Magnolia ISD Student Leadership Recognized at Commissioners' Court

The court session started with a proclamation recognizing the Magnolia ISD Leadership Program. Dr. Stephens addressed Judge Doyal and Commissioners, “This is an opportunity to invest in our future leaders. We appreciate you allowing us to be here. This is another opportunity for these students to meet with elected local officials and understand how local government works within our county.”

The student leadership program fosters leadership within the students and allows them to connect with elected officials in office. The goal of the program is to have the students choose a path of service whether it is serving in an elected role or being responsible citizens in the community.

Judge Doyal addressed the students saying to work hard, find your path and outline your goals. Court continued as students listened to public comment and the court approval for various departments such as the Sheriff, Library, County Attorney and each Precinct.

Elizabeth Blake, teacher at Magnolia West High School remarked about the number of people in court, “It is great to see citizens involved in their community. Some of the people here in court today had to take time off from work which shows their commitment to the community. I hope our students can learn from this and know that they can have an impact.”

After court adjourned, Chief Deputy McDaniel from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office spoke with the students about the operations and shared some facts with the students about the day-to-day operations of the department. “The fact that you are a part of this leadership group already means that you are thinking outside the box. You are not the norm. You are a special group to be selected to be a part of this program,” stated McDaniel.

Commissioner Riley spoke with the students and answered questions about his career and how he became commissioner. “I wanted to be involved in my community and make it a great place,” stated Riley. He encouraged the students to always be open-minded and be involved in the community.

Last month the students had the opportunity to visit the capitol and met with local legislative leaders. The next leadership session, students will meet with the Magnolia ISD Board of Trustees and understand the workings of a school board and the role these elected volunteers play in the public education system.