Magnolia High School – UIL Academic Region 3-5A Meet – Eminence Abounds!

Leading up to the region meet, Magnolia High School competed at three invitational meets, taking 1st place at two of the invitational meets and runner-up at the third meet. This was followed up with a District Championship for the second year in a row. Magnolia High School has now won five District Championships in the last eight years.

The region meet was a huge success for our high school with 18 of our 34 entries earning points for the school’s team. The school’s One Act Play placed 3rd in the region adding points to the school’s total. The end result: MHS placed second as a team only 28 points out of first place with 14 students qualifying to compete at the state meet. What an incredible achievement for Magnolia High School!

The students competing earned many individual and team medals at the region meet in Speech & Debate, Spelling, Journalism, Calculator Applications, Computer Applications, Computer Science and Accounting. Earning points at the region meet were:

Accounting team – 1st place: Blake Hale – 1st with a perfect score, Sarah Hubble – 2nd, Betheny La Bone – 3rd, and Kensley Phillips – 5th;
Computer Applications – Laila Espinoza 2nd;
Computer Science team – 1st place: Sunny Tran – 6th, Jonathan Herrera and Ryan Schulze;
Journalism team – 1st place: Sarah Venables – 1st Editorial Writing, Jordan Goff – 2nd Feature Writing and 2nd News Writing;
Speech team – 2nd place: Blake Hale – 1st Lincoln Debate, Eric Gagliano 4th Informative Speaking, Marcus Sloan – 5th Informative Speaking and 5th Prose Interpretation, Amanda Sass – 3rd Prose Interpretation;
Science – Jay Martin – 3rd;
Spelling & Vocabulary – Amanda Sass – 5th.

MHS had eminence as a goal for this year and the UIL academic team has definitely achieved this goal and more! Eminence abounds for this team. The high school is extremely proud of these students’ accomplishments and look forward to what they will do at the state meet! Congratulations to all students and their coaches.