Magnolia High School DECA Awarded Highest Honors at International Conference

To be invited to Internationals, a student must qualify as a top 3 finalist in his or her respective state or province. Every high school student who attends ICDC is a highly qualified young business professional who is viewed as the “best of the best” in his or her specialized category. Students prepare year‐round in events that include concentrations in marketing, finance, or entrepreneurship.

Magnolia High School was one of 285 School-Based Enterprises (SBE) achieving Gold Level Certification this year for The Bark, the high school bookstore. Burns and Edwards attended a SBE Academy at Internationals. They also were the only SBE in the Retail category from Texas to make it as finalists. Driven by a successful competition, these finalists, along with the Magnolia DECA, are already growing their SBE and using the information they gained from competition to take home the win next year at Internationals in Nashville, Tennessee.

ICDC marks the end of an academic year, and Magnolia High School DECA students worked all year to reach such a high level of competition. After a successful conference, Magnolia High School DECA is already eagerly preparing for next year’s conferences and competitions, including the DECA Power Trip and the Texas District, State, and International Competitions.

Magnolia DECA would like to thank all the parents, alumni, and business partners for their support this past year. For more information about DECA how to get involved, please contact Calynn Perkins at or 281. 356.3572 ext 7081 or visit