Ellisor Elementary #1 in Texas First in Math Program

Representative Tony Morrow from First in Math flew in from Iowa to honor the students for their hard work. During morning assembly, math coach Holly Campbell recognized the top students, and grade level teams which included the following recognitions:

• top student in 4th grade who had solved more than 58,000 problems and is currently working on 6th grade level content;
• top first grade team in Texas; and
• top family player in 4th grade who has solved more than 6,300 problems.

Students use the online program as independent work outside of the classroom. Students participate in the math program before school, at home and special times during the day.

Mr. Morrow encouraged the students to continue to work on solving problems this summer. First in Math is an online competitive math problem based on the 24 games. Students of all levels self-direct through content involving practice of procedural fluency to critical thinking skills and algebra readiness through this engaging, game-based format.