Magnolia ISD Student Leadership Celebrates Graduation with Montgomery County All-Stars

The students opened the program by honoring Superintendent Dr. Todd Stephens with a personalized memory book highlighting the semester experiences along with personal notes of gratitude. They thanked him for having the vision to create this program and giving them the opportunity to see leadership from local to state government.

Retired Tax Assessor J.R. Moore shared his personal story which focused on the importance of taking care of the customer. As a young business owner of a hardware store, he worked his way through retail before becoming municipal judge and mayor of Shenandoah.

“The bottom line, it is all about people and how you treat people. Without people, you cannot be successful,” Moore shared with the students. He also acknowledged not being afraid of failure. “Success comes in many forms but mostly it comes when addressing those failures.”

Montgomery County Judge Kathleen Hamilton shared her journey as a school teacher and at the age of 32, while married and raising a young family, decided to go to law school. Judge Hamilton specializes in criminal court and shared a couple of stories of courage and forgiveness.

She explained what it means to trick or treat, “It’s not Halloween but the ‘trick’ to being a good leader is to never give up. If plan A fails, there are 25 other letters. The ‘treat’ is how you treat others. That is what people will remember.”

U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady shared with the audience that leaders are shaped by families and how individuals are raised. He thanked the parents who raised these future leaders. Brady finished his story with the importance of giving back to the community. He stated, “Leadership is service—helping others reach a common goal.”

The evening concluded with the presentation of awards including a resolution from State Representative Cecil Bell, Jr. and commendations from Congressman Brady. The students recognized Hughes National Gas as the title sponsor, Magnolia Rotary Club and the MISD School Board.