MISD School Board Honors September Students of the Month

 Maria is a senior at ALPHA Academy and at this time is only one credit away from completing all of her graduation requirements. Upon graduation from ALPHA Academy, she plans to continue her studies at Lone Star Community College to become a medical assistant. After completing Lone Star, Maria will attend the University of Houston to pursue a Masters Degree in Nursing. Maria states that she admires the doctors and nurses that always do their best to help people.

Mrs. Vaccaro, says, “She is an outstanding example of what it means to be an ALPHA student-motivated, hardworking, and determined. Maria holds herself to high expectations, which she continually meets and exceeds towards the goals that she has set.”

Ms. Spore, ALPHA Science teacher, has had Maria in several classes, states, “Maria is a very responsible student who is well respected by her peers and her instructors. She is also a problem-solver who takes the initiative in her education. “

Mrs. Tierranegra, Maria’s English teacher states, “She is very mature and works diligently to complete her coursework. She sets an example for the other students when she stays on task throughout the class period and treats others with respect and kindness. Maria is committed to graduating from ALPHA and encourages others to continue to work on their education.”

Sarah Swift is an excellent student and has a drive to conquer new challenges. She possesses many exceptional qualities, which include service, leadership, intelligence, maturity, organizational skills, and competitiveness, as well as a desire to excel.

Sarah is committed to getting the best education possible, is a hard worker, persistent, and very determined to reach her goals. Sarah’s academic focus has currently placed her through her junior year, ranked number one in a class of 420. Entering her senior year, Sarah is both a prospective National Merit Semi-finalist and an AP Scholar. Her willingness to take on challenging courses throughout her high school career along with her ability to excel in those academics is evidence of Sarah’s drive and determination.

Sarah has coped very well with all the stresses and strains of AP & Dual Credit Classes while at the same time pursuing extracurricular activities. Sarah is a four year member of the Texas Star Drill Team; the first to advance to the State Science Fair; a multi time winner in various UIL Academic Events; a State Qualifier in BPA; our Ambassador for the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Conference and has served over 100 hours of community service to name just a few of her accomplishments.

Though Sarah is a very determined person and does what it takes to accomplish her goals, she is ever conscious of setting a good example for others and demonstrating integrity in all facets of her life. Sarah is truly a quality individual. Her integrity is so evident in all that she strives for. Sarah treats everyone with human dignity and respect. Sarah assumes nothing and is willing to work for a common goal.

Congratulations to these students!