MISD Student Leadership Explores County Government

Superintendent Dr. Todd Stephens introduced the students to Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and to the County Commissioners on Tuesday, November 10 during regular court session. The court session started with a proclamation recognizing the MISD Leadership Program.

Dr. Stephens addressed Judge Doyal and Commissioners, “This is another opportunity for our students to meet with elected local officials and understand how local government works within our county.”

Commissioner Riley read the MISD Leadership proclamation and stated, “Thank you Dr. Stephens for all the work that you are doing with the students by fostering civic leadership, and investing in our future leaders.”

After leaving Commissioners’ Court, the students had the opportunity to experience Judge Hamilton’s courtroom. Judge Hamilton graciously took time from the bench to visit with the students and explain some of the judicial process. Judge Hamilton also shared stories with the students including one story of a case tried in the Veterans Treatment Court. The turn of events in the story made an impression with the students and reiterated the importance of this court.

The next leadership session, students will meet with the Magnolia ISD Board of Trustees and understand the workings of a school board and the role these elected volunteers play in the public education system.

This selective leadership program allows students to connect with elected officials in office. The goal of the program is to have the students choose a path of service whether it is serving in an elected role or being responsible citizens in the community.