Magnolia High School UIL Academic District Championships

Magnolia had students earning points individually and as teams in 20 of the 22 events. Accounting: Jacob Sass – 1st, Camren Boudousquie – 2nd, Sarah Hubble – 3rd, Jenna Carter – 4th and 1st place Accounting team; Calculator Applications: Alexander Henze – 2nd, Jack Titzman – 3rd, Ryan Alford – 6th and 2nd place Calculator Applications team including Daniel Masud; Computer Applications: Laila Espinoza – 1st, Alyssa Grimes – 2nd and Michelle Galeno – 3rd. Computer Science: Jonathan Herrera – 1st, Sunny Tran – 2nd, Jordan Griffin – 3rd, Trent Harris – 5th and 1st place Computer Science team; Editorial Writing: Sarah Venables – 1st, Jordan Goff – 2nd, and Madison Welch – 4th; Feature Writing: Jordan Goff – 1st, Headline Writing: Madison Welch – 4th; News Writing: Jordan Goff – 3rd and 1st place Journalism team; Literary Criticism: Carol Pettijohn – 2nd, Brady Wilkins – 3rd and 2nd place Literary Criticism team including Kenya Arellano and Marsha Phillips; Mathematics: Trent Harris – 5th and 2nd place Mathematics team including Alexander Henze, Jay Martin and Lucille Stinn; Number Sense: Jack Titzman – 5th; Ready Writing: Lucille Stinn – 2nd, Emily Larkins – 4th, and Tabitha James – 6th; Science: Jay Martin – 1st and 1st Biology and 1st Chemistry, Gabriel Frohaug - 2nd and 1st Physics, Jonathan Herrera – 5th and 1st place Science team including Jordan Griffin; Social Studies: Noah Simpson – 1st and 2nd place Social Studies team including Ryan Alford, Caroline Barnes and Aksel Sjogren.

Speech & Debate brought home the 1st place team award with students earning points in all events. Informative Speaking: Cameron Wilson – 2nd and Marcus Sloan – 4th; Lincoln Douglas Debate: John Pehrson – 3rd; Persuasive Speaking: Maryann Powers – 6th; Poetry: Jaymie Gagliano – 3rd; Prose: Brelynn Mellen – 2nd, Marcus Sloan – 4th and Maryann Powers – 6th; CX Debate: Jaymie Gagliano and Cameron Wilson – 1st, Maryann Powers and Marcus Sloan – 2nd, and Gordon Gatlin and Cameron Klepac – 3rd.

The One-Act Play Company performed BOB: A Life in 5 Acts and won their 8th consecutive district title contributing more points to the school’s total. Earning additional points for the company was Jacob Edwards – Best Actor, Amy Kramr – All-Star Cast, Will Carroll – Honorable Mention Cast and Parker Barnett – Top Technician.

Magnolia High School UIL Academic team is very proud of these students and their third in a row District Championship. The team is now preparing for the region meet which is being held at the Magnolia High School on April 22 & 23. Congratulations to each and every competitor and good luck at the region meet.