MISD Students of the Month

Magnolia High School student Sarah Hubble is an excellent student, popular with students and staff, and has a drive to conquer new challenges. She possesses many exceptional qualities, which include service, leadership, intelligence, maturity, organizational skills, and competitiveness, as well as a desire to excel.

Sarah is committed to getting the best education possible, is a hard worker, persistent, and very determined to reach her goals. Sarah’s academic focus has currently placed her ranked number 13 in a class of 413. Her willingness to take on challenging courses throughout her high school career along with her ability to excel in those academics is evidence of Sarah’s drive and determination.

Sarah has coped very well with all the stresses and strains of AP & Dual Credit Classes while at the same time pursuing extracurricular activities. Sarah is a four year member of the Varsity Soccer Team; a multi-time winner in various UIL Academic Events; a State and National Qualifier in Business Professionals of America; and has served over 200 hours of community service to name just a few of her accomplishments.

Though Sarah is a very determined person and does what it takes to accomplish her goals, she is ever conscious of setting a good example for others and demonstrating integrity in all facets of her life. Sarah is truly a quality individual. Her integrity is so evident in all that she strives for. Sarah treats everyone with human dignity and respect. Sarah assumes nothing and is willing to work for a common goal.
Sarah Hubble is one of the very top students and that is why she is the April Student of the Month.

Nichols Sawmill Elementary (NSE) student of the month is Ara Hollyday. Ara is a well-rounded representative of the campus who excels not only at school in all of his classes and clubs but in the Magnolia community as well. Ara represents the 4 BE’s at NSE: He is prepared, respectful, responsible, and safe.

Ara is always prepared and striving to improve. If extra work needs to be done, he attends review and practice sessions. When offered enrichment after school to reach a commended status on STAAR, Ara was the first to sign up. Ara is willing and able to be of help in any situation whether it is tutoring a classmate, helping a peer perform a task, or organizing something for the classroom. He recently participated in UIL competition at Magnolia West High School in music memory, ready writing, and number sense, in order to practice and sharpen his skills.

Ara is always respectful, being polite and helpful to all of his teachers and his peers. He is extremely personable with a positive attitude at every turn. If we are looking for a ray of sunshine in our day, Ara fits the bill. He enters class with a smile and a hug and a witty rapport to boot.

Ara is extremely responsible and reliable, which is evident not only in his ability to relay information between home and school, but also in his duties with safety patrol. Each afternoon he is aware of the clock to make sure that he begins his afternoon patrol promptly and delivers messages to teachers all over the building very reliably. If you give Ara a task, it will not merely be completed, but it will be done to the best of his ability.

Ara is a member of the NSE choir and shows up each Wednesday morning for practices and for school performances. He is always respectful, observant, on task and helpful in music class. Ara is a dedicated member of our choir and is always on time for our before school practices and performances. He leads others by example.

Outside of class, Ara is involved in theatre and acting classes as well as in voice lessons. His music teacher has worked with Ara in voice lessons and am helping him achieve his goal of singing a solo on stage for a musical production. Each week Ara has worked so hard to improve in his singing abilities and exemplifies a terrific work ethic! He practices on his own and arrives ready to focus and try his best each week. Because of his hard work and diligence he has landed a major role in a community theater musical planned for May. Ara set a goal and even though it wasn't always easy, he accomplished what he set out to do after 6 months of practice.