Magnolia ISD Hosts Annual Elementary Chess Tournament

Each of the eight elementary schools brought 20 players from the school's chess team. Students were nervous yet eager when they set eyes on the 80 chess boards set up in the tournament room. Students faced different opponents from various schools in three rounds of play. As students prepared for each round, quiet whispers of delight, anticipation and revised strategy could be heard throughout the waiting rooms.

Congratulations to all the students who had the honor to represent their school!
Schools scoring in the top five places are as follows:
1. Magnolia Elementary School
2. Lyon Elementary School
3. Bear Branch Elementary School
4. Williams Elementary School
5. Nichols Sawmill Elementary School

The district would like to thank the parent and staff volunteers who helped make the tournament run so smoothly. Thank you to the faculty and staff who sponsored the chess teams at each school. These groups of people work tirelessly to supervise team meetings, and teach and encourage their players throughout the school year. Thank you to First Baptist Church in Magnolia for providing the space to hold the tournament. The Magnolia ISD Elementary Chess Tournament is a true representation of a community coming together to support students!