Magnolia High School One-Act Play State Results

Hunter Ash and Madison Mapes represented Magnolia in the State Technical Theatrical Design Competition. Although they didn't place, they represented the school well as this was the first time Magnolia High School has entered into the design competition. This has been an extremely successful year at Magnolia High School Theatre. Thank you to the entire faculty and staff for all of their support!

2016 One-Act Play Company
Parker Barnett (D-TT, R-TT)
McKenna Hyde (A-ASC)
Amy Kramr (D-ASC, B-ASC, A-HM, R-ASC, S-HM)
Madison Mapes
David Martinez
Dylan Mayes(B-TT)
Darby Salge (A-TT)
Rachel Sanchez-Ruffra
Brian Vinson

Hunter Ash
Will Carroll (D-HM)
Lauren Eddings (B-HM, A-HM)
Jacob Edwards (D-BA, B-ASC, A-ASC, R-ASC, S-ASC)
Caleb Gauntt (R-ASC)
McKenna Hammonds
Ciara Peterson

Alex Renouard
Tatyana Rodriguez
Alyssa Sumstad

Brelynn Mellen
Claudia Ramirez

*D-District, B-BiDistrict, A-Area, R-Region, S-State, BA-Best Actor/Actress, ASC-All-Star Cast, HM- Honorable Mention, TT- Top Technician