Magnolia ISD Cosmetology Students and Advisors Earn Statesman Award

Students who attended this conference also had the opportunity to earn their Statesman Award. All three of our students and both of our high school advisors were able to attain their Statesman Award. This award recognizes students who have demonstrated their leadership skills and have mastered certain requirements in leadership training. An invitation to attend the Washington Leadership Training Institute (WLTI) was presented to each of the students and to both of our advisors for earning this award. 

In each of the sessions, the students were taught by trainers who were either SkillsUSA Texas district, state or national officers. The trainers shared their personal experiences about facing fears, leaving a legacy and persistence. To grow as a leader and to continue to advance your academic and career goals, each one of us has experienced challenges and learned from our mistakes. Anahi Rubio, the SkillsUSA Chapter 1178 president for Magnolia High School Cosmetology, shared what she learned from the conference, “I learned to not be afraid of failure because failure makes you stronger and it pushes you to succeed.”

Another session focused on individual uniqueness and the responsibility for making the right decisions. Lauren Decoux, the SkillsUSA chapter officer support for cosmetology, also shared her experience, “I learned not to let other people define who I am.”

The SkillsUSA chapter parliamentarian/sergeant of arms, Misty Wunsch, said, “From going on this trip I have gained self-confidence, stepped out o my comfort zone, met new people, and learned how to challenge myself.” The students attended sessions that required them to work as a team with other students that they never met before. Talking to strangers is hard but to have to work with a stranger as a team to accomplish something is even harder and all three girls were able to do it and come out successful.

Mrs. Vaughan stated, “I love seeing how each student arrives at this conference as one person and by the last day has truly transformed and matured into someone more confident and driven to make a difference in life.”

Classes at the conference ranged from of learning how to budget your money, public speaking, etiquette, getting out of your comfort zone, learning to love yourself for who you are, learning that simple things can make a massive impact in people and many other leadership skills. These young ladies are ready to continue their leadership roles in school and in the workforce.