Thank You to Trustee Deborah Rose Miller

I first came to know Deborah’s heart for students in 2001 when a group of community members and parents banded together and started the first Magnolia Education Foundation (MEF). Deborah along with Cecil Bell and Charlie Riley and a host of others worked tirelessly to ensure that the MEF started right and that its mission would firmly remain focused on fostering new and innovative methods of teaching in MISD. Since our first association, I have never known a time that Deborah Rose Miller wasn’t working on some project or dreaming up the next one. MISD and the community of Magnolia have so many programs and initiatives that are a woven into the very fabric of our community because of the imagination and hard work of Deborah Rose….MEF, Junior High Job Shadowing, Magnolia Rotary Tailgate Party, Lone Star College - Magnolia Center, Miss Magnolia Pageant, Magnolia Community Foundation, the list could go on.

Ms. Miller, thank you for being the champion and visionary for so many unique programs and activities that have made our community and district a better place to live and raise a family.

Besides being a visionary and planner, Deborah Rose had a unique knack for “persuading” so many of us to join in and work on her service projects. She never asked us to do anything she wasn’t already going to do by herself. I think she just assumed it would be more fun if more of us were involved…it usually was.
Thank you Deborah Rose for encouraging us to get involved in our community by giving our service to others right here in Magnolia.
Finally, I want to recognize the eight years of service Ms. Miller has given Magnolia ISD as a trustee. As a trustee, Deborah has been a constant advocate for students, parents and teachers in MISD. She relentlessly reminded us of our vision of becoming the “Best School District in Texas.” She has always held us accountable to our mission and vision like a good school trustee should do. Ms. Miller earned the distinction of Master Trustee from The Texas Association of School Boards and served as the President of our board from 2013 to 2015. Under Deborah’s leadership, the District solidified and strengthened our financial standing while maintaining a focus on students and their achievements.
Deborah, thank you for eight wonderful years of above the call of duty service to Magnolia ISD. Thank you for your friendship, counsel, and willingness to “Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing” in MISD. Know this Deborah Rose Miller...because you chose to serve, a generation of students had their lives blessed and enriched by your work.
Thanks again to you and your family for 15 great years of service in Magnolia.

Dr. Todd Stephens, Superintendent of Magnolia ISD