Special Needs Students Create Holiday Business

The goals of the class are to teach independence and to grow their skills such as appropriate communication in a variety of settings, money management, time on task endurance, and problem solving skills so they are viable in attaining a job. Their teacher, Ms. Lindsay Mackey, wanted to create an environment where the students could practice all of these skills in one project.

Ms. Mackey stated, “It is incredible when you empower your students to be independent, by planting the seed, and they hit a home run.”

The students created ornaments, candy cane wreaths, reindeer pins out of puzzle pieces and more. They did an amazing job! She outlined the learning goals for the students, gave them a small budget, a list of items they could use in class and directed them to the internet to inspire creative designs.

The students promoted the sale during morning announcements and sold everything during the lunch periods. Ms. Mackey bought the supplies needed on a $50.00 budget and the students were successful in their sale making a profit of $105.

This project has left them excited and they are interested in doing another business simulation project. The profit will be used to make items for their Valentine’s Day and Easter sales. The students are going to have community based vocational instructional trips for the upcoming sales where each student will be responsible for purchasing supplies and managing the budget.