Students Implement "Get Out and Vote"

This effort included a voter registration drive, student research on each of the November ballot items, unbiased student meetings and presentations on the ballot items to both students and faculty, completion of sample ballots by each voting student, and then MISD provided transportation for voting students, faculty and staff to actually vote on October 30th and 31st .

Pictured above are students, faculty and VAC leadership getting ready to board the bus for early voting at the Magnolia Community Center. Please note the fun t-shirts designed by one of the students. Pictured to the right are seniors (l-r) Kennedi Kohler, Erin Riley and Alexis Miller sporting their “I Voted” and Magnolia “Rock the Vote” badges right after they cast their ballots. A great day indeed.

“This has been a really fun and interesting project for all of us and we can’t wait for next year so that we can continue this effort on the 2018 elections” states Tehya Harris, a leading member of the high school senior leadership team. “Not only do we now know how to do our homework so that we can vote intelligently, we know what it feels like to actually make a difference in the election process” adds Tehya.

“We are very proud of our students and the way they led this effort to get us ready to vote,” says MISD Superintendent Dr. Todd Stephens. “We look forward to our students continuing this approach for future elections,” adds Dr. Stephens.

Questions about this project can be directed to MISD Director of Communications Denise Meyers at 281-356-3571, and VAC official Mrs. Darci Hubbard at