District Student Leadership Program Reaches New Heights

This program provides a unique learning opportunity for our future leaders to get an in-depth look at government leadership and how to be responsible civic leaders of their community. Each year the program continually evolves and this year is no exception. This year the program has expanded to include corporate and educational leadership. The program extends to the student’s senior year culminating in a community service learning project.
To welcome this year’s new cohort, a few of the seniors from the 2016-17 group spoke to the juniors about their experiences and what to expect from this program. One student shared her story of how she secured an internship with a state representative’s office. Another student realized her passion for making a difference in public education at the state level and has determined her college career path to achieve this goal.

Dr. Stephens stated, “This is a great opportunity for our students to hear about the keys to being a successful leader including asking questions about leaders successes and failures. For most of the students, this is the beginning of networking with other leaders which can lead to students working with mentors, getting internships or connecting with other leaders. This is definitely an exceptional opportunity for a high school junior student.”
Students spent Tuesday, November 28 in Conroe visiting various branches of Montgomery County government. The day started with a visit to Commissioners Court, listening to court in Judge Kathleen Hamilton’s courtroom, and a tour of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office which included the 911 dispatch center.
The students are scheduled to visit the capitol in December to learn in-depth aspects of state government. The students will meet with state representatives, chiefs of staff and State of Education Commissioner Mike Morath. The spring semester includes a meeting with the Magnolia ISD school board, a session with Fortune 500 business coach Dr. Kozhi Makai, a day visiting with corporate leaders and a trip to the Mays Business School at Texas A&M.
This distinctive high school leadership program allows students to develop their leadership skills while interacting with elected officials from various levels of government, business, and nonprofit organizations.
2017-18 Cohort:
Isaura Arellano, Alexa Arredondo, Emma Ashwood,Sarah Belland, Elisabeth Cantrell, Kendahl Clements, Reagan Creed, Jacob Crowder, Kaitlyn Daley, Tatum Davis, Sophia Ebel, Hannah Eggleston, Jaden Gable, Andrew Graziano, Chhunhorn Hong, Courtney Keith, Courtney Kramer, Joshua Lazaro, Sofia Lopez, Olivia Martinez, John Matocha, Betsy Maxwell, Kacie Mcintosh, Emma Pierce, Kaelan Replogle, Sarah Shams, Olivia Shelburne, Jenna Tacker, Marolina Thomas, Ashley Uballe, Rachel Ward, Cody Withee