Teacher Spotlight: #IAmTXEd

Principal Lisa Bertrand shared, “Mrs. Garcia has fostered an environment where you hear students saying ‘I understand why you think that, but let me show you in the book where it supports my thinking.’ Or ‘I would like to take your thoughts one step further.’ This engaging small and large group discussion have brought her students to a higher level of engagement and created a culture of learning.”
This type of dialogue and exchange of ideas happens throughout her class, during small and large group discussions. Mrs. Garcia exemplifies what outstanding teachers in Texas look like because every day, at any given time, you can enter Mrs. Garcia’s room and observe a high level of academic achievement taking place in her room.
Mrs. Garcia said, “This kind of learning is not just viewed through big projects nor through some extraordinary assignment, but through everyday academia. The student’s questioning and the rigorous academic conversations happening in my room have fostered an environment where they enjoy sharing various aspects of what they are learning.”
To hear students from a myriad of socio-economic backgrounds and multiple ethnicities working as a cohesive group exemplifies the great instruction that public educators of Texas make happen every day across our state.