Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Foglesong

A student in Mrs. Foglesong’s class shared her feelings about being overlooked by her parents even though she had lots of accomplishments and good grades. Mrs. Foglesong had lunch with the student several times talking about her feelings and brainstormed ways she would feel comfortable bringing up the topic.
Mrs. Foglesong’s relationships and assisting students transcends the classroom. “As a teacher, I believe that the only way you can connect with your students and share in their learning is by giving all of you.”
The student and her brainstormed ideas that made the student feel comfortable talking with her parents who are divorced and both are extremely busy with work. From their talk, the student asked Mrs. Foglesong to mail a letter to each of her parents. A few weeks later the student shared an amazing conversation she had with her family.
Natashia gains the trust of her students by sharing her stories. “I have gone through many of the things my students struggle with and they trust me to help them. I make it clear that I do not have all the answers but I am always there to help and guide them,” explains Mrs. Foglesong.
Natashia shares her struggles with her students, and groans along with them when it’s a lesson she is not excited about, “They think it’s hilarious that I say I don’t like something, but then I teach them how to have fun with it and we learn to like it together. I use my truths because this allows them to feel enough trust to get to know all of theirs. I want to teach the way I enjoy learning and try to think of ways to not only engage the students, but to allow students to feel accomplished and excited enough to make math “stick” and provide a deeper understanding.”