MISD Launches Mobile Food Trailer for Culinary Arts

As stated by Michael Daniel, Director of Career and Technical Education Programs, “This is an exciting opportunity within our culinary arts program. Students will have the opportunity to broaden their experience outside the classroom. They will have a chance to compete in food truck competitions, community service programs in the community and compete in cook-off competitions.”
Ms. Merriken, the Culinary Arts teacher at Magnolia High, is excited about adding this to the program. “We do a unit in class which is about designing a food truck and developing a business plan. This will now give the students the opportunity to bring that business plan to life!”
The mobile food experience will allow students to work on customer service skills, work under pressure in competitions while providing a high-quality product and gain hands-on experience to market themselves for culinary jobs after graduation.
In addition to adding the food trailer to the curriculum, the community, staff, and students will also get to take part in the food truck experience. The catering division of food service will also use the trailer for campus incentives for the teachers and students, school events and part of the concessions at athletic events.