MISD Implements New Safety Training for All Staff

Teachers and staff were placed in real-world scenarios with the sound of blanks being fired from a gun inside the building during the presentation. They had to quickly go into action to respond accordingly to the situation. One high school teacher said the experience was jarring but highly effective.
Jeff Hine, vice president of training of ARC, stated, “Magnolia ISD is as prepared for any safety situation as any school could be. All of their employees have received scenario-based training. Without disclosing all of their preparations, let’s just say they have prepared themselves should an incident occur. I would feel extremely comfortable with my own children’s safety while attending a Magnolia ISD school and commend the administrators at the district for being so proactive.”
Hine has 32 years in law enforcement working as a secret service agent for President Reagan, customs special agent, SWAT team and most recently for the Department of Homeland Security. With his experience and background, he is one of the founders of the company ARC.
This year, MISD has invested $1 million into safety and security for the schools with the addition of constables at each of the campuses. This recent training is another resource provided to our staff as safety and security is the number one priority in the district.