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The study of world languages is an essential part of education. In the 21st century language classroom, students gain an understanding of two basic aspects of human existence: The nature of communication and the complexity of culture. Students become aware of multiple perspectives and means of expression, which lead to an appreciation of difference and diversity. Further benefits of foreign language study include stronger cognitive development, increased creativity, and divergent thinking. Students who effectively communicate in more than one language, with an appropriate understanding of cultural context, are globally literate and possess the attributes of successful participants in the world community.

Magnolia ISD students are provided ample opportunities to engage receptively and expressively in conversations, to present information expressively to an audience, and to comprehend cultural and linguistic aspects of the language.


Source: The provisions of this §114.53 adopted to be effective July 30, 2017, 42 TexReg 3640.



Spanish French
Spanish Textbook Cover French textbook cover
Textbook Adoption: Avancemos by HMH Textbook Adoption: T'es Branché by EMC
 World Language Classes Offered 
Spanish 1 (Offered in 8th Grade) French I
IB Spanish II & Pre-AP Spanish II French II
Pre-AP Spanish III Pre-AP French II
IB Spanish IV Pre AP French III
AP Spanish IV (language & composition) AP French IV
IV Spanish V IB French IV
AP Spanish V (literature & composition) IB French AB Initio 1 & 2
AP Spanish for Native Speakers  
Spanish for Native Speakers 1 & 2