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Out of District Tuition

Magnolia ISD is limited open enrollment and that limited open enrollment is an agreement with financial obligations. Conditions listed below are mandatory, and a set of payment plans based upon students in a household are provided.
Please note the following conditions apply to payments involving out-of-district transfers:

1. Payment transactions must be made via check or credit card by phone. Online payments are not accepted at this time.
2. A small fee is required for credit card transactions. Full Payment Plan and Semester Plan eliminate or limit the transaction fees.
3. If a student’s account becomes past due, continued enrollment in Magnolia ISD is in jeopardy.
4. Financial Hardship applications for payment reductions are available.
5. The cap per family owed on tuition is $2,400.
6. If a student enrolls in the first week of September, both the August and September payments will be required prior to attending classes when a parent is using the Monthly Plan.
7. Non-sufficient funds will be paid by the account holder.
8. Tuition does not cover any student fees that occur at the school building, such as field trip costs, lab costs, parking fees, and so forth.
# of Students in Household Full Payment Plan Semester Plan Monthly Plan
1 $2,000 $1,000 $200
2 $2,100 $1,050 $210
3 $2,200 $1,100 $220
4 $2,300 $1,150 $230
5 or more $2,400 $1,200 $240
 Any clarification of financial obligations or financial payments may be directed to the Director of Student Services at 281-356-3571.