Online Learning » Expectations


Curriculum Expectations
  • MISD online learning will utilize the same curriculum and grading guidelines as the standard instructional model. The online learning assignments may look different, but they will cover the same content and skills as on-campus instruction.

  • Grading for all online courses will follow the same grading policy as the courses in the standard instructional model. According to TEA guidance, the grading policies for online instruction must be consistent with the District’s grading policies for on-campus assignments.


Student Expectations

  • Attend synchronous and/or asynchronous* learning session(s) on a daily basis
  • Complete asynchronous tasks, as assigned by the teacher
  • Show proof of participation in daily virtual learning by satisfactorily completing assignments to demonstrate evidence of student learning (video, picture or activities submitted as lessons and/or completing assignments)
  • Participate in intervention and/or enrichment opportunities, as assigned by the teacher
  • Participate in collaborative online workspaces with peers
  • Read for a minimum of 30 minutes daily
  • Adhere to classroom expectations and online learning code of conduct

* Synchronous learning will include live whole group and/or small group instruction. Asynchronous learning will include tasks for students to complete on their own time.


Guardian Expectations

  • Partner with your child’s teacher to facilitate academic support during this time

  • Support your child's active participation (collaboratively and independently) in all online learning activities

  • Help your child own the learning; provide support and encouragement, and expect your child to do his/her part

  • Provide a dedicated workspace for your child that includes internet access

  • Utilize Canvas to access instructional content, communicate with teachers, and view grades/feedback

  • Communicate with your child's teacher if you have any concerns or need additional academic support (Please allow teachers to have 24 hours to respond, excluding weekends)

  • Ensure independent learning activities (specified by the teacher) are completed without assistance

  • Ensure your child has the appropriate materials to engage in assignments (contact the school for supplies, if necessary)

  • Commit time to engage in additional learning activities for special programs such as gifted and talented, special education, etc. 

  • Contact technical support for any hardware or software issues
  • Contact school counselor if you are concerned about your child's mental or social-emotional health

  • Students attending the online school will be expected to adhere to the same attendance policies as students in the traditional face-to-face model.  Attendance will be taken using a combination of participation in live classes and/or student evidence of work in Canvas. Similar to the students in the traditional model, online students will be expected to meet the state-required 90% attendance requirement for earning course credits.