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The success of an elementary online student is heavily dependent on parents being actively involved in the instructional process on a daily basis. Participation and attendance expectations will require parents to establish and manage the daily schedule communicated by the teacher.  


Time Requirement 
While students may not necessarily have live instruction during the entire day, students should plan for approximately 4 hours of their day to be involved in a mix of live instruction and independent work with their teachers and other online students. With that in mind, for the best learning experience, we would like students to be available for instruction at the same time as their teacher, as their daily schedule permits.
Weekly Schedule (Sample)  
Sample Schedule for Elementary Students
For an elementary students optimal learning, students should:
  • Attend synchronous and/or asynchronous* learning session(s) 
    • A minimum of 180 minutes of core (reading, math, social studies, science) instruction daily
    • 45 minutes of art education per week
    • 45 minutes of music education per week 
    • 135 minutes of physical education activity per week
      • All times are approximate and based on student individual work requirements. 
      • Students show proof of participation in daily virtual learning by satisfactorily completing assignments to demonstrate evidence of student learning (video, picture or activities submitted as lessons and/or completing assignments)