Business Office Staff

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Financial Services
Salena Jackson
Salena Jackson, RTSBA
Executive Director of Financial Services
Krista Jones
Krista Jones
Accounts Receivable
281.252.2500 ext. 1602
Kaitlyn Little
Kaitlyn Little
Accounts Payable | Campus PO's
281.252.2500 ext. 1632
Felicia Parker
Felicia Parker
Accounts Payable | Department PO's
281.252.2500 ext. 1600
Michelle Hibner
Michelle Hibner
Payroll Supervisor
281.252.2500 ext. 1611
Jordan Kennedy
Jordan Kennedy, CTSBS
Assistant Payroll Supervisor
281.252.2500 ext. 1603
Janteena Lovett
Janteena Lovett
281.252.2500 ext. 1612
Norlene Vera
Norlene Vera
281.252.2500 ext. 1610
Rebecca Stricklin
Rebecca Stricklin
281.252.2500 ext. 1607
Procurement Services
Adam Stearns
Adam Stearns, CTSBO
Director of Purchasing
Elizabeth Stairhime
Elizabeth Stairhime, CTSBS
Purchasing Specialist | Travel
281.252.2500 ext. 1606
Lauren Ebert
Lauren Ebert
281.252.2500 ext. 1617
Warehouse Operations
Misty Winn
District Warehouse Supervisor
Shaun Mueller
Warehouse Operator
Kaylon Jackson
Warehouse Delivery
Tammy Sandiford
Warehouse Delivery
Mailing Address:                                                     
PO Box 138, Magnolia, TX 77353                     
(all mail goes to this address)
Physical Address: 
Celeste Graves Education Support Center
31141 Nichols Sawmill Rd., Magnolia, TX 77355 

Ph: 281.356.8485 
Fax: 281.252.2242  
Fax for Accounts Payable: 281.252.2042  
Fax for Payroll 281.252.2242