Payroll Schedule & Responsible Staff

Payroll Schedule
Pay dates for all employees are on the 1st and 15th unless holiday schedules require otherwise. The official work week for Magnolia ISD is Sunday - Saturday.


Annuities, Supplemental Benefits, General Payroll Questions, TRS
Michelle Hibner, Payroll Supervisor
281-252-2500 X 1611
Payroll & Attendance for Teachers & Food Service, Sub Teacher Payroll, Service Records, AESOP, General Payroll Questions
Janteena Lovett, Payroll Specialist
281-252-2500 X 1612
Payroll and Attendance for Maintenance and Transportation, Aetna Health Insurance, Supplemental Benefits, AESOP, General Payroll Questions
Norlene Vera, Payroll Specialist
281-252-2500 X 1610
Payroll and Attendance for Secondary Paraprofessionals, Sub Teacher Payroll, AESOP, General Payroll Questions
Rebecca Stricklin, Payroll Specialist
281-252-2500 X 1607
Payroll and Attendance for Elementary Paraprofessionals, Swim, Adventures Program, AESOP, General Payroll Questions
Jordan Kennedy, Payroll Specialist
281-252-2500 X 1603