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Letters. Words. Sentences. Ideas. The building blocks of English Language Arts and Reading (ELA) propel students beyond the classroom and into the roles of creative communicators. A rich, integrated curriculum teaches students more than individual and testable proficiencies; it provides skills for growth as writers, readers, speakers, listeners, viewers and critical thinkers. From understanding, embracing or critically reviewing genres of literature by others to expressing their own oral and written thoughts, students learn the traditions and customs of imparting information in expressive and meaningful ways. At the same time, they obtain the tools necessary for advanced educational pursuits and the evolving work force.


Our curriculum is developed by teams of teachers and curriculum specialists using The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and complies with the Texas Education Code. The language arts classroom is a rich learning environment fueled by diverse literature, engaging writing opportunities, reflective conversations, and technological integration. We go beyond the basics to accomplish a greater achievement: responsible, productive, socially contributing citizens.

Shay Garland, Secondary ELAR Director
A. J. Pitts, Elementary ELAR Coordinator
Kim Lupton, Early Childhood Specialist