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State of Texas Curriculum Strands

Students compare and contrast past and present events, places, and people over time through a variety of historical experiences to understand an ever-changing world.
Students recognize that location, climate, and physical environment influence the lives of people past and present.
Students understand the development and function of the free enterprise system and are empowered to make sound personal finance decisions.
Students understand important beliefs and principles embedded in United States government, and are equipped to participate in the American democratic system.
Students display good citizenship and are aware of the importance of being an active and productive citizen in society.
Students understand the relationships among and between people, and appreciate the contributions of racial, ethnic, religious, and gender groups to honor equality and human dignity.
Science, Technology, and Society
Students understand the impact of scientific discoveries and technological innovations on the daily lives of people past and present.
Social Studies Skills
Students develop and apply critical thinking skills to organize and use information from a variety of sources representing a range of multiple perspectives, including primary, secondary, and web-based sources.